CLERK: Mrs Kerry Coltham
4 Hillside Cottages, Preston Hill, Wingham CT3 1BY
Tel: 01227 722189; email:
Sharon Addis, Chairman
Farmer’s Field, Preston Hill, Wingham, CT3 1BY
Tel : 01227 721873
Emma Baker, Allotments Rep, Training Rep
Chegworth Cottages, Preston Hill CT3 1DB
01227 728587
Enid Brice, Planning Committee; GDPR Rep; Village Hall Cmte rep
1 Cornerways, Watercress Lane, Wingham Well CT3 1NR
Tel: 01227 720420
Dan Collins, Planning Committee Chairman
Tel: 01227 905254

Andy Cook, SID Maintenance and moving
Tel: 07747 536677
Russell Graydon, Vice-Chairman; Planning Committee, AED & Property Maintenance checks
3 Wenderton Farm Cottages, Wenderton Lane, Wingham CT3 1EL
Tel: 07734 066370
Bob Harvey, Internal Financial Control; Planning Committee; Play Area/MUGA/Gym checks; Flood Warden
Tel: 07923253929
Martin Smith, Environment/Sustainability Rep; Recreation Ground Rep; Tree Warden
25 High Street, Wingham  CT3 1AW
Tel: 07775 424976
Pat Young, SID statistics; Speedwatch coordinator; Internal Audit
Tel: 07869 144467
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