Wingham Parish Council has legal powers to issue grants to village organisations. The purpose of such grants is to support initiatives in the local community which will benefit all residents of the parish. A limited amount will be set aside in the Council’s budget each year for this purpose.

All applicants must read the Community Grant Awarding Policy and submit the appropriate application form by November each year.

The Parish Council also has the legal power to award small capital grants to non-profit making voluntary village organisations and applications must be made in writing using the appropriate small capital grant application form.

The forms and policy can be downloaded above or can be supplied on request to the clerk,, tel: 01227 722189

Grants given to Village Organisations 2021-2022

Wingham Village Hall: A grant of £3,000 towards the maintenance and upkeep of the Hall to help ensure the cost to local users is kept low.

St Mary’s Church PCC: A grant of £1,980 towards the annual ground maintenance of the Burial Ground and privet hedge maintenance.

Recreation Ground Committee: A grant of £1300 towards the annual cost of maintenance of grounds and boundaries.

See-Saw Pre-School: A grant of £264 towards a bespoke child gate; plus a small capital grant of £125.99 for a welly rack.

Wingham Community News: A grant of £300 towards printing costs

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