The A257 Traffic Group was formed in 2010 to combine local knowledge and experience to address traffic matters affecting residents along the length of the A257 from Warwick Road in Canterbury up to and including Ash Village. This includes some associated roads and villages directly affected by the A257 between these points.

CORE GROUP Members are representatives of the following Parish Councils and Associations (in alphabetical order):-
Adisham Parish Council
Ash Parish Council
Bekesbourne with Patrixbourne Parish Council
Ickham & Well Parish Council (Bramling)
Littlebourne Parish Council
• Littlebourne & Stodmarsh Roads Community Association (LSRCA)
Preston Parish Council
Staple Parish Council (Shatterling)
Wickhambreaux Parish Council
Wingham Parish Council

FULL GROUP In addition to Core Group members, the Full Group members include:-
• District Councillor for Little Stour & Adisham Ward, Canterbury, currently Cllr Lee Castle
• District Councillor for Little Stour & Ashstone Ward, Dover, currently Cllr Martin Porter
• Kent County Councillor for Canterbury City South, currently Cllr Mel Dawkins
• Kent County Councillor for Canterbury South, currently Cllr Mike Sole
• Kent County Councillor for Sandwich, currently Cllr Sue Chandler
• MP for Canterbury/Whitstable, currently Rosie Duffield
• MP for South Thanet, currently Craig Mackinlay

MEETINGS are held every other month in January, March, May, July, September and November with Full Group Members attending every other meeting in January, May and September only. These are not public meetings. Other Councillors and/or interested parties are invited to attend according to the agenda.

The Group produced and launched the ‘A257 Plan’ in 2018 which documents issues surrounding congestion, accidents and pedestrians, providing fact-based information and proposals for improvements on the road to make it safer for all users.

Updates were received from County & District Councillors: Cllr Chandler noted the new Cabinet Member for Highways, Cllr Neil Baker, is local with good knowledge of local roads. KCC are aware of the issues associated with ongoing utility works in Preston and Stourmouth and are trying to improve signage and logistics. KCC have received additional government funding for resurfacing. Cllr Sole noted the two new beat officers in his area who are very good and visit regularly.  The CCC Local Plan is is being redrafted with the new draft due to be completed in January 2024. The previously proposed zoning of the city centre and bypass have been taken out. Overnight A2 closures are taking place from 18 September to 4 November between Brenley corner and Bridge. Cllr Porter said DDC Community grants are to be more socially biased with £85K to be distributed over the next year. Preston traders have received a grant of £250 each from Southern Water as compensation for the disturbances caused during recent works. 
It was noted that County roadworks tend only to take place during weekdays 9-5 as contractors charge more for evening and weekend work.  It was also noted the funding for the cycle path and crossing works at Longport came from Active Travel funds which could only be used for limited purposes. 
Shatterling was discussed and it was agreed to invite the KCC Highways Cabinet Member to a meeting. Cllr Chandler was asked for her support with clearance of the footpath through Shatterling and along the Roman Road and to see if the Shatterling gateway sign on Wingham Country Market land could be raised so that it can be seen more clearly. 
Updates from Group and Village representatives were received from Ash, Littlebourne, Shatterling, Bekesbourne with Patrixbourne,  LSRCA, Bramling, and Wingham.  Ash noted discussions with the Sandwich Lakes Course Fishery to improve their signs on the bypass. and their request for a 20mph speed limit through the village on their Highways Improvement Plan (HIP). Also included on their HIP are pavement/inconsiderate parking and the impact of extra traffic from new housing developments. Littlebourne noted KCC have agreed to carry out traffic surveys on various roads in the village but have said they will not get a 20mph limit on The Hill. The village gateway at the Canterbury end of the village is due to be moved to the 30mph speed terminal imminently. Shatterling noted the forthcoming road closures on Beaute Lane and Rusham Road plus ongoing issues caused by drivers trying to turn left out of Rusham Road onto the A257 at the top of Gobery Hill.  Bekesbourne noted the Station Road pavements have now been completed, but speeding issues remain in the village and they hope to start Speedwatch sessions soon.  A survey of some of the road signs indicates that many are not readable for different reasons and a full survey will be shared with KCC. LSRCA thanked Rosie Duffield’s office for providing a response on longer HGVs but noted concern at the lack of local consultation.  They noted concern about the configuration of current traffic calming measures in Littlebourne.  Bramling noted a 20mph speed limit is being pursued for Ickham village.  Wingham noted various forthcoming road works/closures in the village during October, plus the dossier produced on incidents at Seath’s Corner.
Next Meeting Date: Saturday 18 November for Core Group Members only.

KCC'S VISION ZERO ROAD SAFETY STRATEGY Please visit the KCC VISION ZERO page to find out more.  An excerpt from the KCC page reads as follows:- There are on average just over 45 deaths on Kent’s roads each year. Kent County Council (KCC) is setting the target of zero, or as close as possible, fatalities and life changing injuries by 2050 with a 50% reduction by 2030 and a target of no more than 39 traffic fatalities by 2026. Vision Zero is not just about focussing on the date we achieve zero, but the recognition that deaths on the road are not an acceptable price to pay for mobility.  We will follow the Safe System Approach which understands that people make mistakes and aims to ensure these mistakes do not cause a death or a life-changing injury.

The Group Administrator is Kerry Coltham, the Wingham Parish Council Clerk. Please use the CONTACT PAGE for your enquiry
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