All Day August 2023 - FREE ALL DAY TRAVEL

Thursday 27 July 2023

Kent County Council (KCC) has worked with the county’s bus operators to deliver an initiative which will allow all ENCTS passholders the ability to use their passes all day throughout August. Instead of waiting until  9.30AM to use their passes, passholders will be able to board buses from the time the first bus starts running in the morning and their passes will be accepted for travel. The initiative is one of a number of fares initiative being funded by Government and being delivered through Kent’s Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP). Medway Council are running a similar promotion in their area over the same period.

Passengers who travel outside of Kent and Medway will need to wait until 9.30AM as usual to use their bus passes and from the 1st September the times passes can be used for bus travel will return to normal.

It is hoped that this initiative will support the bus network in Kent by encouraging people to use buses again after the pandemic.

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