Armed Forces LifeWorks course, 7th Dec - 11th Dec 2020

Please see the leaflet below to a virtual LifeWorks Skills and Employability course, run by Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) in partnership with Dover District Council. 

The course will run from Monday 7th December to Friday 11th December 2020, starting 9am daily.  Veteran’s will learn C.V. building, how to write covering letters and interview preparation and much more. 

Any veteran can access this course no matter how long ago they served, to be classed as a veteran, the person only has to have served one day in the Armed Forces.   

This is a virtual course - attendees will need access to a computer or phone.  If any members of a veteran’s family would like to attend a course like this, please get in touch - if DDC have enough interest, RBLI are willing to run a FamilyWorks virtual course too, specifically designed for the families of veterans.

If you would like to book, please email  or call 07917870553. 

More information about LifeWorks can be found here:

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