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Some of you may have noticed Dover District Council's (DDC) contractors out and about in the village, clearing up leaves from our pavements. Clearance of leaves from our pavements is a responsibility of the District Council, but they have a huge task as they need to cover the entire district, sometimes revisiting several times when possible as many towns and villages have tree-lined High Streets like ours and the Autumn leaf fall has only just started.

The Parish Council have spoken with the DDC Waste Services Manager to ensure that Wingham is visited and they have clearly listened. However, they have said that any assistance that our residents are prepared to offer to help maintain the quality and safety of our local environment would be welcomed, but please note these points:-

- Leaves that fall to ground are the responsibility of the owner of the land that they are lying on;

- It is an offence to blow / push leaves from adjacent land on to the public highway;

- Leaves swept up from domestic gardens can be included in the garden waste collection bags (for those that have subscribed to the service).

So, if you are willing and able to clear leaves near you, please note the above.

The Parish Council have also made enquiries with their own Ground Maintenance contractor should the need arise for further clearance over and above what DDC are able to carry out.

DDC have an online form to report any issues with 'dirty streets' - see this link:

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