DDC Community Safety Update

Tackling Scam Mail

Throughout December 2020, Friends Against Scams is running a campaign to raise awareness and help to tackle scam mail.  The campaign is encouraging everyone in the UK to have a chat with their loved ones about scams, and to forward any scam or unwanted mail into the team, free of charge.   

Friends Against Scams is a National Trading Standards Scams Team initiative which aims to protect and prevent people from becoming victims of scams by empowering people to take a stand against scams.

In line with Government guidance, the campaign asks that you do not make a trip outside just to post the mail during the current restrictions, but include it in any daily exercise you may do.

Send mail (no need for a stamp) to: NTSST, FREEPOST, MAIL MARSHALS

Throughout December, the team will concentrate on four different scam types:

  • Week 1 - 7-13 Dec: lotteries & prize draw scams
  • Week 2 - 14-20 Dec: clairvoyants & psychics
  • Week 3 - 21- 27 Dec: advanced fee 
  • Week 4 - 28 Dec–1 Jan: unsolicited mail, eg catalogues & health supplements.

For more information, please see https://www.friendsagainstscams.org.uk/scamnesty

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