Dover District Council (DDC) over the last year or so have been replacing the streetlights they are responsible for in the village with LED lighting.

The main high street lights are KCC owned and these were changed by KCC a long time ago.

Whilst many of the lights have now been replaced, and previously removed streetlights have been replaced with new columns, there remain around 270 lights with a dangerous UKPN connection and the DDC street lighting engineers are not allowed to work on these lights until made safe by UKPN.

This has caused delays which the Parish Council have been told will hopefully be resolved soon. Many of these 270 lights have not been working for many months and it is hoped that once UKPN have carried out work on the over head power lines, the remaining streetlights will be converted to LEDs in the coming months - no specific timescale supplied.

Dover District Council is aware of residents' concerns over this and I am told they are doing everything possible to get the LED scheme completed.

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