Emerging Development Proposal - Gobery Hill

The Parish Council have been approached by a development company asking to meet to discuss their emerging proposal for a development on land north of Gobery Hill.

At this stage, no formal planning application has been made by the developer to Dover District Council.

It is the Parish Council Planning Committee's policy not to discuss an application until the formal planning application is made.

A representative from the development company has accepted the Council's invitation to attend the Planning Committee meeting on Monday 11 March at 7.10pm to outline their plans during the public session (max 10 minutes) on the basis this will not be discussed further at that meeting.

Until a formal planning application is made, with publicly available plans and documents, this will not be on the agenda for discussion.

The Planning Committee meeting on Monday 11 March, 7,10pm, is open to the public to observe or to make representations in respect of business on the agenda during the public session only.

The agenda will be published next week on our website and noticeboards.

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