WINGHAM RESIDENTS HAVE YOUR SAY - 20mph limit for Wingham

This is the draft plan produced by Kent County Council for the proposed 20mph limit through Wingham:-

Wingham Parish Council, along with the A257 Traffic Group, have been working with KCC Highways since the publication of the ‘A257 Plan’ in 2018 to try and make our roads safer. The Parish Council now urges you to share your opinion on a proposed 20mph limit project for the High Street, parts of Canterbury Road and Adisham Road, and associated side roads.  The limit will be indicated by 20mph signposts at the start of the limit on each main road and some road markings.

Why a 20mph limit?  Wingham village sits on the main A road between Canterbury and Thanet and experiences a very high volume of traffic of all sizes bringing various issues such as noise, vibration, speeding, damage to property, congestion, and difficulties for pedestrians.  The limit cannot reduce the volume of traffic but could help reduce noise and vibration and potentially ease flow of traffic and improve pedestrian safety. Evidence from Speedwatch and Speed Indicator Devices have clearly demonstrated the issue of speeding. The village has also experienced many road traffic incidents, some involving pedestrians, and property damage.

Speed surveys have been carried out by KCC which confirm the project may go ahead. However, it will only happen if support is demonstrated by the community, so please share your views

The cost to the Parish for this project is estimated to be approximately £7000. This includes the design; the Traffic Regulation Order; and implementation, including signing, lining and traffic management.

Surveys will be distributed with your February Wingham Community Newsletter, asking two main questions and then asking for any other comments. The questions are:-

  1. What is your view of a 20mph limit in Wingham - a positive step or a waste of money? Please give the reasons for your answer
  2. Other than those at the start of the limit on each main road, would you like to see additional signs or markings to remind people of the lower speed? This could result in additional project costs
  3. Do you have any other comments?

To complete the survey, please fill in and return the form contained in your copy of the February Wingham Community Newsletter, or click HERE to download the survey form. Also available as a pdf HERE

Survey forms must be returned to the Parish Council Clerk by Monday 1 March 2021 - see the survey form for details

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