KCC Historic Treescapes Grant – Dover District

KCC have been in touch with the Parish Council to say their ‘Historic Treescapes Grant – Dover’ has now gone live.

Applications are open to private and public landowners, land managers, estate managers, tenant farmers, charities and charitable trusts who own or manage land across the eligible area within Dover district.

This scheme is funded through the Trees Outside Woodlands programme, a collaborative project between Defra, Natural England, The Tree Council and five Local Authorities (including KCC).

This grant provides up to 100% funding for non-woodland tree planting projects across the Dover district area to restore historic trees that have been lost since the 1890 Ordnance Survey.

The grant will pay for the trees, materials, protection, and labour of non-woodland planting projects.

The grant could cover the restoration of historic:

  • hedgerows
  • hedgerow maiden trees
  • in-field trees
  • orchards
  • parkland trees
  • small, wooded areas (copses or spinneys) less than 0.2 hectares in size.

All relevant information, including eligibility and how to apply, can be found here on Kent.gov: Historic treescapes grant - Kent County Council

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