MESSAGE FROM DOVER DISTRICT COUNCIL: Learn all about Governance at our FREE Event for the Voluntary and Community sector

Join us and learn all about Governance

Whether you are an existing group or organisation, or would like to start a new one, Governance can be a complex subject.

We are delighted to host Medway Voluntary Action (MVA) who will be presenting some key points about the topic.

This FREE event will be presented in two sections; one half for new groups with information on how to formally set themselves up, and the second half covering topics for existing groups.

Please see our programme below for more details:

Part 1 for Individuals/Start-ups:

  1. Legal structure
  2. Sample documents and where to find them
  3. How to set various structures up
  4. Where to go for additional support in your area
  5. Q&A

Part 2 for incorporated/established groups/organisations and a follow on from part 1:

  1. Legal structure
  2. Charity governance code - seven principles
  3. Seven duties of a company director
  4. Other things to consider - Recruitment of Trustees/Directors, AGM, Meetings, Accounts etc.
  5. Q&A

Come along to the Council Chambers at the DDC offices in Whitfield (seats are first come first served) or join us online via the Microsoft Teams link

Please book your place here - we look forward to seeing you!

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