Message from South East Water: We need your help to keep the taps flowing

We're asking for your help to spread the word to ensure we can maintain local water supplies.
Due to the recent combination of hot weather and exceptionally high demand, we are unable to replenish supplies in your local area quickly enough to keep up with localised demand. We need your help to ensure there will always be enough water for everybody in your community, especially our vulnerable customers.

Steps to save water at home

Stop, Think & Act
We are therefore asking for your help in urging our customers; to Stop, Think & Act.
To ensure that there is enough water to supply everyone in your area, we are asking that you use water for essential use only.
STOP: Using hosepipes & sprinklers.
Take shorter showers.
THINK: Do you have to wash your car? Let your lawn go golden. It will recover.
ACT: Do all we can to cut down on everything but essential water use.
We all need to continue to protect our vital local water supplies.
Our daily water demand graph below highlights the millions of additional litres of water we're treating, pumping and supplying each day. We're sharing regular updates of water demand across our network on our Water Latest webpage, and lots of ways you can help save water.

We'd appreciate your support in sharing these messages from both the website, and sharing our social media posts.
Find out more about how you can help
We're all doing our bit to save water, and we're working hard to reduce leaks across our network. We're already among the top five water companies in the UK for our leakage performance, but we're always striving to do more. We're investing millions over the next few years, and have ambitious plans to halve the amount of leakage by 2025, by using innovative technology to find and fix leaks, including smart networks and satellite technology.

We fix 90 per cent of reported leaks within 48 hours; we are also committed to reducing the amount of water lost to leaks both on our network and in customers' homes, by working to stabilise water pressures in our pipes.
Our work to reduce leakage
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