New Wingham Planning Applications received on 16.1.23, 18.1.23 & 24.1.23

22/01687 Wellhead Farm, Watercress Lane, Wingham Well. Erection of detached office building and workshop building (existing office and workshop building to be demolished)

22/01493 28 High Street, Wingham. Installation of 9no. solar panels on existing detached garage roof

22/01670 Bleak House, 16 High Street. Erection of log cabin, installation of automated double gate and repaint exterior to Warm Truffle (grey colour)

23/00003 The Chicken House, Hawarden Place, Canterbury Road. Remove the paint, repair and re-point the 3 painted walls of the property

Wingham Parish Council has received information for these new planning applications. Documents relating to these can be found on the Dover District Council website, see

Type the reference number or road name into the search bar to access the details for the application

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