Plans for Highway Improvements in Wingham - Preston Hill

The Parish Council are working with KCC Highways on the Wingham Highways Improvement Plan (HIP) where various proposed projects, to be funded by the parish, are being considered to help improve safety for Wingham residents.

From the recent survey, residents will already be aware of the proposed 20mph limit project, but the full list of other proposed HIP projects will be included on this website in due course.

KCC Highways have agreed to carry out a speed survey for one project proposed which is the section of Preston Hill from the end of the current 30mph at Wenderton Lane junction to just after Ashen Tree Cottages.

The proposal is to either relocate the 30mph speed terminal or reduce a section of the national speed limit to 40mph to create a buffer zone when entering the existing 30mph.

The speed survey is due to be carried out towards the end of April and will help determine what action, if any, is possible. It is hoped that by the end of April, with people allowed to leave home, schools open and non-essential retail and leisure open, traffic levels will be returning to a more representative level.

Once results of this survey are known, resident consultation will need to take place to determine how to move forward.

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