Promoting volunteering for the good of the community

The value of volunteers to our community is tremendous.

Without their contribution, many local services simply wouldn’t exist. From the trustees governing Kent’s charities to stewards at historic sites; from dementia support workers to charity shop assistants; from woodland wardens to telephone befrienders - each and every one of them makes a huge difference to the lives of others in Kent and Medway.

Volunteering of course has many benefits for individuals too, including improved confidence, skills and community cohesion.

But there is a big shortage of volunteers...

The Kent County Council-funded website, Kent Volunteers is an initiative of the Lord-Lieutenant of Kent, in conjunction with the Kent Volunteer Partnership of district volunteer centres. The site currently features more than 300 vacancies for a wide range of local and national charities. It also features a wealth of resources for community organisations and charities, which are all free to access.

If individuals would like more advice or guidance about volunteering in general, they can of course contact their Dover district volunteer centre, Kent Coast Volunteering.

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