The Power of Youth Festival - #Iwill week 16-20 November

Dover District Council have sent us the following information:-

Website link here:

The power of youth festival will be a week of online events and interactions celebrating people aged between 10-20 yrs old that have made an impact in the community through funding opportunities, creating social groups for education, health benefits, social care and helping the environment.

The festival is open to all ages and professions for networking and interaction on sharing experiences and stories. The main aim is to find people in the age range of 10-20yrs to become more involved with identifying local issues from a need to create social groups to tackling racism and any other issues. An addition is to encourage more engagement between various Partner organisations to find out about local actions, issues, learn how different Partner organisations work and build relationships to tackle local issues together.

As coronavirus has impacted the community now is a time to grow stronger communities and tackle things such as isolation and support.

If you have anyone who has interest in community growth they can learn more from the website.

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