UC MOD Shoeburyness - Forthcoming Activity Alert: 30 August - 5 September 2021

Dear Resident,

Detailed below is advance notification of activities which may be noticed in your neighbourhood or in the vicinity of the Thames Estuary. All of the limitations and stipulations outlined below apply. Follow us on Twitter @SHB_Alerts for updates to this information.            

DateReason for notification
30 August 2021Bank Holiday: Range closed
31 August 2021Nothing to report
1 & 2 September 2021Explosions may be noticed
3 September 2021Nothing to report
4 & 5 September 2021Restrictions on some Public Right of Way routes

Local Gunfire: Gunfire that may be noticed in the immediate neighbourhood of MOD Shoeburyness.

Gunfire: Gunfire that may be noticed by communities in the wider vicinity of the Thames Estuary.

Explosions: Explosions that may be noticed by communities in the wider vicinity of the Thames Estuary.      

May be noticed: Activities listed are those which, due to their nature, have the potential to be noticed off site. Weather conditions on the day heavily influence the outcome therefore we cannot confirm in advance that these activities willbe noticed, where they will be noticed, and to what degree.


This information was correct at the time of publishing. The most accurate and up to date information can be found on the MOD Shoeburyness website at www.qinetiq.com/shoeburyness or on our Twitter feed @SHB_Alerts.

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