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Wingham Parish Council Survey Update


Wednesday 1 March to Friday 31 March 2023

(Page updated 20 June 2023)

UPDATE: The Parish Council would like to thank everyone who took part in our survey which was distributed to residents in the March edition of the Wingham Community Newsletter. Feedback from the survey was presented at the Annual Parish Assembly on 19th April along with useful information supplied by Dover District Council and both presentations are available to view on this website:

Having discussed the resident feedback the Parish Council will be setting up a page on this website with useful information signposting residents to existing facilities available in the district. The PC also plan to consider parish initiatives that raise awareness of those in the village who may be lonely or need every-day help – a ‘Know Your Neighbour’ type of thing, and if anyone has experience of this kind of initiative and would like to share their experience or offer help, please contact the clerk.  The PC have also discussed the village WCs in St Mary’s Meadow following the survey responses received and plan to meet with the District Council.


Wingham Parish Council would like to hear your views on your Health and Wellbeing Needs.

The Council will use this information to improve the health and wellbeing of the Wingham community by signposting residents to local services and, if enough people identify a specific need, then we would work hard to set up a new service to help with that need.

Each household will receive a paper copy of this survey with the March Wingham Community Newsletter. Please feel free to photocopy that form, request further copies from the clerk, or download the word document below and email the completed survey by 31 March to the clerk:

COMPLETED FORMS can be left in postboxes at Wingham Newsagents or Wingham Primary School reception. Or you can send them to the Parish Council Clerk - see the form for details.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

Please encourage all family members, friends and neighbours to do the same.


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